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Car Radiators

When your car radiator needs a replacement it is often difficult to know who on earth can do you the cheapest prices with the best service to get you back on the road. As we all need our Cars for more than just popping the shop we are aware of the importance of getting things sorted quickly and efficiently. At the Radiator shop we have been supplying car radiators for over 20 years and have what we believe to be the most knowledgeable team in the Uk to assist you with any queries you may have. Not only do we supply car radiators for all current models we are a specialist supplier and can get a car radiator to fit almost any car ever made in the UK and many worldwide models. For expert advice simply give our Technicians a call on 01429 236300.

Replacement Radiators

As you can see from our categories menu, we can sell you a radiator for almost every car currently on the road in the UK. In most cases people look for replacement radiators rather than trying to repair an old or badly corroded radiator. This is when the advice of a specialist Car part company becomes invaluable. Most car parts companies sell so many different things, that it is impossible for them to get the best deals on replacement radiators. With over 1000 car radiators to choose from can definitely give you the right advice to make the right choice.

Classic cars

No matter how old your classic car is we are confident that we will be able to replace or repair your car radiator. We can cater for old Ford Cortinas, Rover P6, Audi 90 Quattro, Morgans, Toyota cars, Vauxhall, Bmw, Aston martin and many more. Don't worry if your Radiator needs repairing, our specialist team are able to repair almost any radiator ever made.

Commercial Vehicle Radiators

If you are a company and are running a fleet of lorries, we know how vital it is to get your vehicles back on the road and earning their keep as soon as possible. Our vast experience in dealing with the transport industry, makes us the perfect partner to work with to ensure you are kept moving. we cater for every type of commercial vehicle available so please don't hesitate to give our experienced team a call.


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