If you own a car, you probably know how difficult it is to find a good, trustworthy and reliable car mechanic to take care of its regular maintenance and for repairs.

Often times you cannot be certain whether a certain part has been changed or whether the car problem is real or just made up so that the repair shop can take your money.

Also, you cannot be certain whether the mechanic can be trusted enough with the car which you drive every day with your family in it.

So, how do you pick the best and most trustworthy mechanic? Here are some tips which might help you in this difficult task:

  1. Ask for certifications of the mechanic or the repair shop. There are certain certifications which can be trusted, including the ASE certificates from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. in order to get certified, mechanics need to have at least two years of experience at the job and undergo a number of tests of their knowledge and skills. This certificate is issued for individual mechanics and not for the entire shop so make sure that the certified mechanic will be working on your car! There are also certificates issued to mechanics for the repair of a certain type of car, which again means that they have been tested and proven to be proficient in handling and repairing this particular brand of cars.
  1. Do some research online and ask around. This will help you find a trustworthy mechanic if you know that the sources of your info are honest.
  2. Look for repair shop affiliations. If the shop has an AAA sign, this means that it has been pre-screened for quality services by American Auto Insurance.
  3. Choose a mechanic who is willing to show you the problem or broken part. if you want to know what you are spending your hard earned cahs for you should have the right to see the part or parts which will be repaired, along with the new ones which will be replacing them. Everyone knows how expensive car repairs can get, so being precautious about what you are paying for and for possible unnecessary repairs is essential if you want to save some cash. A trustworthy mechanic won’t mind if you spend some time watching the repair as it happens.
  4. Trust your instincts. If you feel that something is off with a mechanic – then it probably is.

Overall, there are many trustworthy mechanics around there, but it is worth taking the time to do your research before handing them your car keys and car