When I was called to the scene of an explosion in a private home in our neighborhood, the first thing I scented was the strong pungent smell of gas. We immediately proceeded to evacuate the people from the next door homes and area because obviously a bigger explosion could occur at any moment. For safety reasons, so as not to cause a spark, the people were asked to leave their cars behind and literally “run for their lives.”

There are some points, I need to make in this connection, so as to warm all of my readers about how to react in emergency situations and what to avoid.

Firstly, it is a good idea to be ready for any kind of emergency situation at all times. You can make an emergency bag which includes:

  1. Suitable clothes for the season (change them each season)
  2. Hygiene items which you use every day
  3. Shower shoes (get these online for a wider variety and better pricing)
  4. A USB flash drive or memory card with all important contacts, numbers, scanned documents, photos, insurance information and other info which you cannot afford to lose. Make sure the USB is password protected, and physically protected in a container or other.
  5. Your daily medication or emergency medication you may require
  6. A multi tool or a Swiss army knife, a LED flashlight, stainless water bottle with mineral or clean water, bandanna, a working pen, lighter, matches others.
  7. Some cash or a prepaid card
  8. A set of spare keys for your home, car, other
  9. Survival tools and essentials

Make sure the bag isn’t too heavy though.

The second tip is to make sure you have an alarm system installed in your home, and not only against burglars, but also to detect:

  1. Carbon monoxide, if your home has a fuel burning appliance. These detectors need to be placed on each floor and within 15 inches from every bedroom.
  2. Smoke detectors need to be installed in ach bedroom and level of the house.
  3. If you have a gas burning appliance, then install gas detectors on each level of your home.


My third tip for you is to stay alert and don’t overrule any suspicion of a potential danger, like a gas or carbon monoxide leak, or other. Once you hear the alarm, grab your survival bag and your family and leave the premises immediately.

Hopefully, my survivalist tips will help you get ready for an emergency situation which unfortunately can occur at any time to anyone. Being prepared and acting quickly can save lives!